Running No Matter What: My Running Diary!

I always feel better about myself and my day when I get up and run. But it took me awhile to gain the strength to run no matter what! Once you can do that, you’ll have a lifelong running practice you’ll love.


Diary of a Running Chick: August 22nd, 2016

Running no matter what was a goal of mine for a very long time. Its hard and one of those things that I put on my New Years Resolution list year after year. But I never felt like I truly accomplished it until recently. It wasn’t until I started to hold myself accountable on a daily basis that I actually began to run no matter what. I achieved this goal.

I now plan out my runs weekly. I pretty much know what kind of runs I’m going to do each day. That’s right, prior to the week I plan out how much I want to run each day. I set an expectation for myself and barring something extreme happening in my life, I’m able to keep it by sticking to my plan. I’m always realistic and I try to plan at least one long run per week, as well as one day where I do something other than running. Normally I run longer on Tuesday or Wednesday, while doing yoga on Saturday mornings.

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The key to planning out your runs is having options. I always give myself another option of when to run during the day. If I’m exhausted and I can’t get out of bed early in the morning, I make sure I have the option of running later that morning, or later in the day. Whether that’s shortening my run and running intervals on the treadmill, or if it’s running in the afternoon, I always know that I have an option. Some days this isn’t possible, so if I know that I don’t have another option, then I truly have to decide whether the day is going to be a rest day, or I’m going to push through it and get out of bed. The majority of the time I push through it, because I always feel better after I run. I always feel rejuvenated and energized!

I made running a habit that I love to repeat. I made it a part of my day and I’m bummed if I can’t do it. I love running and I don’t like the feeling I have when I don’t run. That feeling is great motivation to run no matter what. Going out and running every morning is fun for me. I enjoy it and I crave it, but I didn’t start by running every day. I started by running twice a week, then three times a week and so forth. I set realistic goals for myself and worked my way up. You just have to get started!


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I knew that it was going to be tough to run daily, but it was a goal I wanted to achieve. I knew that there would be weeks or months where I’d be slow and where I’d fall into a running rut, but I committed myself to overcome the obstacles. I committed to run no matter what and I love it! That’s the secret kids. I kept running until I truly loved to do it. Now my day is not complete without a run. I truly believe that if you don’t find your “why” for running, then it will be very hard to run no matter what.

Committing to run no matter what comes from the inside. Only you can help yourself to do that. Only you can find your “why” and go run for fun. Stick with it no matter what!



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