Running is Awesome!

First off, love to run! My little legs get moving and I could run forever.  I first started running when I was fourteen after falling in love with field hockey. I quickly realized running was a huge part of the game.  Running? Ugh! I could totally run the mile during gym class, but any amount longer was insane! I wanted more than anything to make the varsity field hockey team and so I learned to love to run. And look at me, I still run to this day. Even taught my boyfriend to love running too. Oh snap!

Running gets a bad rap for sure. On numerous occasions I’ve heard from friends “Ugh, I just can’t run.  That’s the one exercise I can’t do.”  First of all, I call bull crap. Erase that word “can’t” from your vocabulary.  It’s a useless world.  I’ll let you in on a big secret.  Running is not hard at all.  It’s all about repetition.  Like I learned at fourteen, the more you run the easier it gets.  That’s it! It’s no big secret at all.

Another secret I learned along the way is to decide you’re just going to run.  Don’t care about how fast, far, or how long you run.  Just decide you’re going to run! Easy peasy! Once you’re running, if you don’t think you can go any farther then stop and walk.  When you’ve caught your breath or got your legs back then its right back to running or jogging again. Finish your run and make sure to have fun! It’s cheesy to say, but isn’t a little cheese good in life?  Having fun is the most important part and makes running easy.

I love how running makes me feel, but even better, it’s an incredible way to confront mental and physical walls.  Who knew?  I thought I was just getting a killer workout! That part’s guaranteed, but a major reason I run is to overcome the things my mind tries to tell me I can’t do.  So many people are afraid of running because their mind says they can’t do it.  Just think.  If you conquer your “I can’t” of running then you can conquer just about anything! It works for me.  Damn I love to run!




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