Running Intervals: My Running Diary!

I truly love running outside. Its my favorite part of the day. But there are days when a 50 minute run isn’t feasible. I still want to run, so often times I switch it up by running intervals! Time to form a new habit!


Diary of a Running Chick: August 15th, 2016

Intervals are what got me to really enjoy running on the treadmill again, after life through me a curve ball. I’ve talked before about being sick, having cancer, and not being able to run. My recovery was hard and running on the treadmill again, after treatment, came with a lot of residual (mental and physical) pain. Yet it was also incredible! It’s what inspired me to finally push through my own mental walls and create a daily outdoor running habit. But like all good things, running outside daily needs to be switched up frequently! I needed to get back to running intervals.

It’s easy for me to push aside my daily soreness, drag myself out of bed and go for a run. It’s my routine. I love it and I do it more often than not. Yet last Friday I had a short window of time to run and when my alarm hit 5 AM, I just couldn’t pull myself out of bed. Sleep another hour? Yes, please. But what about a run? I hadn’t done intervals in a while, so that’s just what I did!

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My go-to interval workout is pretty great and easily finished in 25 minutes or less. It’s super intense and I always feel amazing and rejuvenated afterwards. Basically you run for two minutes to warm up, then you hop off and set your treadmill at 9 speed and 9 incline. At the three-minute mark you hop on and run for your first 15 second interval. Then hop off. Repeat this thirteen times and then run to cool down for at least two minutes, making sure your workout is at least twenty minutes long. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and do six intervals of 15 seconds, then six intervals of 20 seconds, ending with two intervals of 30 seconds. But my favorite are 15 second intervals, with at least thirteen in my workout. No matter what, make sure you warm up and cool down with a run. I like to go at a 7 speed and no incline for that.

What’s funny about intervals is that the first day you do them they’re intense. I had to power through my workout on Friday! But then I did them again this morning and I felt so much stronger. After running five or so, they felt easier. I felt stronger and I wasn’t so drained afterwards, like on Friday. My legs also felt great! The pounding of running on pavement all the time can completely wear my legs out. Switching it up was great on so many levels.


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I’m super excited to get back to running outside tomorrow, but I’m so glad that I switched it up for my last couple of runs. I’m so glad I ran those intervals. I needed it! I needed that refocus. I also love the idea of sprinting and forgot how much fun it can be. I don’t sprint often and I definitely get comfortable with my pace. Intervals reminded me how fast I can be. By spicing up my pace, I know I can run even faster than I normally do outside!

I’m so glad I ran differently. I feel so energized! My legs feel so much lighter and free too. I will definitely be adding intervals into my weekly routine. They’re a must! I love that I switched it up and I learned that its something I don’t do enough. Its something we all need to do more frequently. We’ve got to keep it interesting and keep switching it up for our bodies!



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