Running Check In: Evaluate You this June!

Like anything you do frequently, there’s always a benefit in taking a moment to check in on you. That being said, our running check in is personal. Mine is a time to evaluate me! I highly recommend you also evaluate you.


My Running Diary: June 13th, 2018

Often times I do a running check in at the beginning of the month, but honestly the best time to do one is when you remember. It means you need it! This current check in is about evaluating me and I recommend you also evaluate you. When it comes to running, self evaluation is something I aim to do daily. Remain judgement-free and revel in whatever you’ve accomplished.

This past year has been much different from all of my previous years running because I have an ever changing child. Therefore, for my current running check in I’m stressing balance. I often push my babe in her stroller and even though I’ve run like this for over a year now, it doesn’t seem to have gotten any easier. What I mean by that is that there are moments on my run when I slightly forget I’m pushing her, but then there are moments when I need to remind myself to run faster to get up the hill because I just want it to be over. Luckily, since I frequently run with Dan, I get a break from pushing that stroller. The balance is key!

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Since I get those breaks from pushing my babe, I always make sure that I take stock of my runs with the babe and without. It’s funny because I can feel how when I run by myself that I could just chug along, but recently I’ve reminded myself that I am free. I don’t have to chug along because I can actually freely run! That is great and I’ve taken full advantage of those runs.

Even though I consistently run like I have in previous years, I do find that I’m not always running as far. It has taken me a number of check ins to be okay with that. I used to think I needed to run 5.5 miles every day and if I wasn’t doing that, then it wasn’t worth running. I’ve talked about this before and how silly that thought is. Just going for a run no matter how far has kept me running no matter what.


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I love this time of year to run and I make sure that I go out for a run barring a sickness or injury. The summer months are great running weather and even though it can get hot, I don’t ever let that get in my way. The best part about this summer is that I’m traveling a bunch in August and I can’t wait to run when I’m gone. Running in different places is always such a treat and it keeps me motivated.

Always on my running check in, I remind myself to keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve gotten into a good groove with my babe and getting out in the mornings. She sleeps through the night, so I do not let being tired be an excuse to not go for a run. She’s in a “I wake up early” phase so there really is no excuse for me to not get out.

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Make sure you always have a running check in of your own! Evaluate you and you will always stay focused. A run check in is key to the longevity of your running career!


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