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Recently I started running with my baby! Stroller running is no joke. It’s great but it’s totally different and you need to be prepared. Run with your stroller with our running tips!


Diary of a Running Chick: June 21st, 2017

If you’re a mama who recently gave birth, the best tip I can give you is to get yourself back into running first! Your body has been through so much and even if you were like me and ran up until the day you gave birth, you’ll still need some time to work your body up to running with your stroller. If you’re a dad who normally runs, then you’re already in good shape to run with your stroller. But be prepared for the challenge and use my running tips!

Make sure you curb your expectations when it comes to distance and pace. Running with your stroller is much different. You are pushing at least 25 or 30 pounds. If you have any sort of incline on your run, then you’re definitely going to feel it! Personally, I have hills I run up and pushing that stroller is tough. There are days I feel it more and some days my pace is very slow. Other days I look and feel like I’m getting back to my old running self. You have to give yourself time to get there and you’ll get stronger and be able to run farther and faster.

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Learn how to control your stroller. Running with a stroller is so different because you push it with both of your hands. It takes some time to control it and feel comfortable. You want to feel like you’re being safe with your baby, so do not go balls to the wall in the beginning. There is a learning curve to running with your stroller.

Plan runs where you don’t run with your stroller. Whether that’s running with your man like I do and giving him control of the stroller, or setting aside days where someone watches your baby, you need that break. It will help you get better because you can let yourself be free. You can work on your natural pace and work on running farther without worrying about your baby.


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Focus on relaxing your shoulders while you run with your stroller. It’s so easy to tense yourself because you’re worrying about your baby. You might run in a bike lane like I do, or run on the side of the road. Either way, you definitely are not as free as you are without your stroller and you don’t want to make yourself tense. My man told me how he could feel the tension in his shoulders when he first started running with the stroller. You need to free yourself from that! You need to be fluid when running with your stroller.

Remember that like anything, it takes time to get stronger and feel at ease with your stroller. But you will get there the more frequently you run with it! Of all my running tips, take that to heart. Just like when you first started running, one day you’ll feel effortless pushing that stroller. You will go on auto pilot up those hills. It will no longer feel like you’re pushing extra weight. It will just feel like the natural way you run!

Prepare yourself to run with your stroller. Then go for it and have fun. Take it in stride and follow our fitness running tips!



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