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Our Fit Mom vlog is here! How to occupy your baby while you workout!

There is absolutely a way to workout while you and your baby is home. Don’t fall into the trap many new mom’s have that their is no time. There is always time and there are always ways to occupy your little one.


My Maddi is getting more and more independent. I’m able to put her in the swing and she’ll chat away with herself and inevitably tucker herself out! While she’s sleeping in her swing that is my go to time! It’s the best distraction that I have for her so far. She’ll sleep in that swing for hours leaving me plenty of time to do an at home circuit or yoga class.


My next go to is working out with my baby. I’m obsessed with running and hiking with my baby. She normally gets a great nap in and if she is not napping she’s looking around, taking in the scenery, and enjoying the fresh air.

Too often we make excuses while we can’t workout but your baby shouldn’t be one! If you stay at home or work from home like I do you have to take those moments when they occupy themselves to workout but also workout with your baby! It’s the best!

Every Wednesday we’ll have a new Fit Mom vlog! I’ll be tracking my post baby fitness, meals, and workouts! Join me on my new adventure as I recommit to my fitness journey!

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