Rescuing Your Fitness Resolution Today!

It’s not too late to rescue your Fitness Resolution. Even if you feel lost, or abandoned them weeks ago, you’re not alone. Today is a new day to begin with a few key steps!

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Don’t worry if you’ve lost your fitness resolution, because Cass Telford is here to help you rescue them today. She’s put together some key steps to getting back on track, making sure your health and fitness journey is fun and successful.

Are you feeling frustrated that your fitness resolution isn’t going to plan? You’re not alone. According to the NY Times, at this point last year, only 37% of those in their 20s had kept theirs. Although gyms, parks and pools are full of those with the best intentions at the start of the year, a few months in and things look very different.

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As work, family life and social plans get back up to speed after Christmas, it can be hard to squeeze in a workout. But it’s also demoralizing when you don’t. So how can you get back on track if things haven’t gone to plan? First, if you haven’t already, book in a life cleanse. Clear the clutter and create space in your environment. This in turn will clear your mind so you can re-motivate yourself. You’ve got this!

Re-frame your goals

What was it that made you vow to be healthier this year? Perhaps you set yourself a challenge that feels too big and difficult now? It’s okay to re-frame your goals: if you can make your resolution specific and bite-size, you should find it more manageable to achieve. However, it doesn’t just have to be focused around a number of pounds to shed; try to view the importance of your BMI as just one part of your overall health story. How you look and feel in your clothes and mind are just as important as what the hard data tells you.

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Revise your workout

Perhaps you’ve chosen a regime that just doesn’t fit with your schedule, or that you just don’t enjoy enough to make time for. You can go ahead and change it. There’s more than one way to get fit; in fact it’s beneficial to incorporate a range of exercise types. If you enjoy classes, look for something else on the timetable that fits better. If you’re not getting what you want from your gym workout, talk to the instructor. If you find it difficult to self-motivate for home workouts, think about inviting a friend to join you, or sign up to an app where you share your progress and can be encouraged by others.

Finally, be kind to yourself. Managed to run for a few minutes longer? Great job! Went straight to a spinning class after dropping the kids off? Well done! In fitness, as in life generally, the power of progress is hugely motivating. If you acknowledge the small steps, the bigger milestones will arrive before you know it. Celebrate the moments that get you there and your fitness resolution is within reach.



Fitness Resolution Photo Credit: Clique Images on Unsplash

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