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Counterpart episode eight exposed Howard Silk for the enigma he truly is. Who is this man of mystery? Can we trust either Howard? Everyone has their counterpart.


The biggest Man of Mystery in Counterpart is Howard Silk himself. Episode 8 made this abundantly clear. We do not know our Howard, or the one from the other side. Our Howard as lived with his wife’s betrayal, allowing love to guide him unselfishly… or so he says. Other Howard is a blatant liar, continuing to deceive and betray himself.

Is other Howard an enemy? He’s ‘friends’ with Pope who is definitely evil and a villain. Did other Howard simply replace his counterpart without killing, improving upon the tactics of the school on his side? The fact remains, only our Howard and other Emily are actually trying to help people. Man of Mystery indeed!

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Can we trust other Howard? Hell no! Will our Howard escape the other side before the season ends? No matter what goes down in the final two episodes, it appears we’re headed for a cliffhanger!

We love Counterpart! Episode 8 exposed Howard Silk as a Man of Mystery. Is Peter the next to meet his fate? Is Howard Silk still the real hero of this story?

I’ll be doing videos each week as this show unfolds on STARZ, so make sure you’re subscribed. Science Fiction is great, but when it meets reality it’s even better! Who is the real enemy? We are about to find out, and can’t wait to watch as the truth is revealed!

Counterpart TV Series is blowing my mind! There’s no limit to the insane story lines of this show, so we will discuss them all. BuzzChomp TV.

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