Raised by Wolves Episode 6 and 7 WTF Moments

Over the top and amazing best describes the virtual sex and ghosts haunting Raised by Wolves season 1. Massive WTF moments that leave you speechless. My episode 6 and 7 reaction.


Just when you think they wouldn’t go there, Mother has virtual sex with virtual Campion while floating in the air. Raised by Wolves let us know that androids can make love to their memories. Then Marcus staged an assault which went horribly wrong, yet succeeded. Sol’s army has Mother captured and Father turned into a ‘Yes Man,’ but is literally on their final gasp of air. They have no idea how to survive on this planet. Watch our complete reaction video for all my WTF moments!

One would have hoped the final vestiges of humanity would work together and survive, but Raised by Wolves is too real for that crap. Mother was created to ensure humanity’s survival, so destroying her is a great idea! Marcus hears things and chooses not to, then more ghosts appear making me question the nature of reality on Kepler 22-B. We must throw away all notions of how death works and life survives, because this planet is anything but earth-like.

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The best television twists our own world into a self-reflective adventure of unknown origins, so where do you land? Diving into a potential future with Raised by Wolves season 1, while making us question our very existence, is just plain fun. Who is the wolf in this equation? Will humanity ever recover? All bets are off as our flaws are exposed in a science fiction future. Join the conversation regarding androids, because there are no right answers.

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raised by wolves
Will anyone survive this planet?



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