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Lovecraft Country episode 6 WTF moments is here. Just when I thought this episode couldn’t get any weirder, Lovecraft Country throws another far out episode at us!


Lovecraft Country episode 6 “Meet Me in Daegu” is the first episode that is not a traditional horror genre take. It’s a riff on “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and of course it throws homage to Korean horror. There are so many WTF moments in this episode. Make sure you check out our full Lovecraft Country episode 6 reaction video.


First off WTF with this whole episode. We finally meet Ji-Ah played by Jaime Chung. I’ve been patiently waiting for her complete introduction into this series and 6 episodes in we got it. Lets not forget that we’ve experienced her character in the episode 1 dream sequence, as well as the magical sequence in episode 2, and then episode 5 Tic calls her.

Ji-Ah is first introduced to us through her own dream sequence. She’s in a movie theater, watching “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and she starts singing and dancing then we see its a dream and she is just a Judy Garland super fan. That is truly the first WTF moment.

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Right from the start there are so many of these WTF moment. Within the first few minutes we find out truly who Ji-Ah is. She’s a Kumiho, which is a fox like demon that takes the souls of men during sex. It is a gruesome graphic experience and apparently her mother called this spirit because she real Ji-Ah was being raped by her husband and now the Kumiho needs to take 100 souls.

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Of course Tic and Ji-Ah form their relationship even though Ji-Ah decided Tic would be her 100th soul since Tic. His unit had a run in with Ji-Ah that ended up with Ji-Ah’s friend being taken away. Ji-Ah will enact her revenge on Tic, but they fall in love, Ji-Ah deflowers him without her fox like creature coming out, and they are having an intense relationship. So many WTF moments.

This episode truly was out there, but I thoroughly enjoyed and there are so many more WTF moments I touch on in my full video! What I’m thinking will come from this episode is that Ji-Ah will end up in Chicago especially after seeing all the visions of Tics future.

Lovecraft Country Episode 6

Lovecraft Country episode 6 all the WTF moments set this series apart. I didn’t think it could get any weirder after episode 5 and it did. Make sure you watch our full Lovecraft Country episode 6 WTF moments and share with me what you think.

Lovecraft Country Episode 6


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