Quiet Home Workout Tips for Apartments and More

home workout tips

We’ve been the noisy neighbors exercising away, but annoying others is avoidable. Our home workout tips will expand your exercise options, minus the noise.

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Working out in an apartment, or trying to be quiet during home workouts, can be challenging. Lack of space isn’t the only problem that makes committing to an apartment-friendly exercise routine difficult. In many homes, walls are thin and neighbors are close enough that working out loudly is annoying. What is someone in need of exercise to do? What are the best home workout tips to get your sweat on?

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Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can workout in an apartment or your home without making much noise. Quiet home workouts simply require the right plan and equipment. Choosing the right footwear, such as supportive sneakers, will limit how much noise you make. Thicker yoga mats also stop noise in its tracks. So if you want to get fit, but don’t want to get on your neighbors’ or loved ones’ bad side, use our home workout tips below!


Quiet Home Workout Tips


Skip or Alter Certain “Loud” Exercises

Some types of exercises are naturally loud. These tend to be workouts that involve running and jumping. Thus, if you’re afraid of angering the folks downstairs, these are the types of exercises you should probably avoid. Another option is to use a thick yoga mat, because jumping or running on the mat will greatly reduce the noise you create. Also consider moving to a room that’s not above anything important. No one really cares if you make noise above their bathroom, but the bedroom is a different story.


Get a Set of Free Weights

A set of free weights is an ideal fitness investment simply because there are so many different exercises you can perform with free weights. On top of that, unlike a traditional weight bench, using free weights doesn’t generate a lot of cranking sounds and similar noises. You can workout so quietly that your neighbors won’t hear a thing, without sacrificing the quality of your exercise routine. It’s a win for everyone.


Explore Cardio Options

Cardio plays a very important role in your overall health, yet its so much more than running or walking. You already know it (as the name implies) improves your cardiovascular wellness. It also promotes better sleep, helps you lose weight, strengthens your immune system, and much more. Fortunately, many low-impact cardio exercises, such as squats, kicks, and twists don’t make much noise. Ditch the well-known apartment-friendly cardio routines, such as running in place, and explore other options. Exercises like burpees (minus the jump), mountain climbers, and lunges are great for cardio without being noisy.

Use Your Body Weight to Exercise

You don’t need to lift actual weights to burn tons of calories and build strong muscles. Plenty of exercises that involve merely lifting your own body weight offer the same great benefits. They’re also silent, and best of all, free. All you have to do is get some basic gym clothes and the right set of women’s or men’s sneakers for your needs. Then you’ll be ready to get fit with push-ups, planks, bodyweight squats, crunches, and many other amazing exercises.


No excuses. Your fitness is in your hands. Living in a crowded apartment building or near sensitive neighbors no longer stands in your way of getting in shape. As these home workout tips prove, there are still plenty of ways to exercise without making lots of noise.

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