Perry Mason Season 1 Cliff Notes | Mysterious Origins

This origin story was a brutal mystery in the dark alleys of early Los Angeles. Perry Mason season 1 in all its gritty detail. Your rapid fire cliff notes.


From private investigator to groundbreaking lawyer, Perry Mason season 1 took us on a mysterious ride through the origins of a legend. He dug up bodies, literally got branded, and saved a mother from being lynched for the death of her own child. Perry entered every dark alley that Los Angeles had to offer, and I summarize it all in rapid fire fashion. Watch my cliff notes for all of the dirt on Perry Mason’s season 1, all eight episodes in under eight minutes.

This season played out as one might expect, but it was a crazy mystery that was truly amazing to watch. Perry Mason has his partner, his private detective and his nemesis, all while solving the unsolvable. He proves your innocence when the whole world is against you. This origin story was excellent and next season will be too, as long as they stick to a single mystery for us to solve.

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The best television is a play on our own world and how we live. Diving back into the past with Perry Mason season 1, while unlocking the origins of a famous fictional character, is just plain fun. It wasn’t as wild as we’d hoped. Perry never found himself in a cult, or a movie set. Was he beholden to the mob? All bets are off as he does the dirty work our police can’t do.

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Perry Mason season 1
A true mess in season 1.



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