Lovecraft Country Episode 1 Reaction | Vampire Hunter

Lovecraft Country kicked of its series premiere with a bang! We dived right into the heart of the story and got some good scares too. Our episode 1 reaction focuses on how Atticus might be a vampire hunter or at least a monster hunter!


Lovecraft Country episode 1, titled ‘Sundown’, took us right into the heart of the show. Atticus, or Tic, Uncle George, and Leti venture to an area where it’s a “sundown county,” which they learn has duel meaning! Our episode 1 reaction focuses on how Tic might just be a vampire hunter (or at least a monster hunter). Make sure you watch our full reaction video.


This is a pretty long pilot clocking in at almost an hour and 10 minutes, but that being said it by no means felt like it dragged. It gave us so many details. The scene is set right from the beginning with introducing Tic and his love of pulp novels even putting him into his own fantasy of one. It set up this fantasy/sci-fi/horror aspect from the start. Then it shows us the horrors of race that Tic has to deal with.

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Throughout the whole pilot it toes the line between these fantastical monsters along with the real life monsters that Tic, Uncle George, and Leti have to deal with being three black people traveling through racists areas. I think the line is toed very well and I felt like it set the world that they live in extremely well.

Tic, Uncle George, and Leti set out on their adventure to find Tic’s father. It leads them to search for an area called Ardham that’s barely on a map. There is a secret road they can’t find. Well of course while trying to find this secret road they encounter the racist Sheriff, who informs them this is a “sundown county.” They best be out before then or else. Well of course he is crooked and still traps them. He takes them into the woods (you’d think the Sheriff would hear stories of the monsters lurking after sundown), and we’re introduced to our first monster of the show: Vampires!

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Goodbye Sheriff because he’s now a vampire. We know we’ll be seeing him again. This leads me to believe that Tic’s legacy is linked to fighting these creatures. Is he a vampire hunter? Maybe, but he’s definitely a monster hunter. The way the pilot ends is great! They find the huge mansion in the middle of the woods. A white man opens up the door and knows exactly who Tic is. This leads me to believe that his ancestors were apart and possibly the key to the secret society. It’s not a coincidence that Tic loves pulp novels because his life has prepared him to tackle his own real life pulp adventure.

Lovecraft Country served its pilot up extremely nicely and I can’t wait to see what unfolds with this show. Tic and his pals will be hunting so many monsters to uncover the truth! Make sure you check out our Lovecraft Country episode 1 reaction as we dive into the possibility he’s a vampire hunter!

Lovecraft Country Episode 1

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