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I did push-ups for 30 days. This is our 30 day challenge review part of our Buzzchomp fitness Fit Mom video series.


I loved this 30 day challenge. I’m so glad I kept it simple. I did 10 push-ups for the first half of the challenge. I decided to keep myself at 10 push-ups but I added in 10 leg raises. This allowed me to keep focused on my push-ups but also get some more core work.


Starting out this challenge I dedicated myself to my form. I definitely had let my push-up form go. By sticking with just 10 push-ups for 30 days I truly embraced my form. It’s funny because I thought they might get easier but since I did them every day they didn’t ever feel easy.

On the flip side I felt stronger doing them as well as performed them quicker without jeopardizing my form. I love that! That was my goal of this challenge. I’m so happy that I achieved that.

This is a really easy challenge to do and achieve success at it. It does get challenging because it’s 10 push-ups a day. You will get sore. There will be some days that they feel extremely hard and other days that you breeze through them. That’s what made this challenge so great!

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