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Pretty Little Liars S7E6 reaction video blog. Wanted Dead or Alive gave us a lot of information and one death!

This show is getting crazy kids! Jenna gives her story of how she knows A.D. and how she met CeCe and introduced her to A.D. Apparently CeCe called Elliott “Archie” and knew all about him. She was in on getting Elliott to convince Ali to help CeCe get out of the hospital. Was CeCe in on Elliott scamming Ali? We think that she might have been! It looks like CeCe was still playing with her doll Ali.

The big question is whether Elliott is really dead? Did the girls really burry him or did they burry someone else? I think Elliott crawled out of that hole then buried someone else in there in case the girls come back looking for him!

RIP Sara Harvey! Comment on my video blog and let me know what you think of my reaction!

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1 Comment

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