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Mayonnaise is one of those weird foods that for some reason gets thrown on sandwiches by everyone. People add mayo to lots of food without your permission, and for a long time I definitely enjoyed it. But no thank you! Now I’m a hold the mayo type of gal.


I was always a blind follower when it came to mayo. When others made me a sandwich, I accepted the mayonnaise. I guess I liked it. It seemed to always come on a sandwich. Everyone seemed to always have mayo in the house and I even remember my mom making burgers when I was young and putting the mayo out for them. I’m not actually sure that she used that mayonnaise herself, but I know a few instances when I did. Now I’m not sure why.

Once I was old enough to make my own sandwiches, I stopped putting mayonnaise on them. It was like a switch flipped and I said hold the mayo once and for all. Mayonnaise just isn’t for me. It’s high in calories, high in fat and high in salt. Now don’t get me wrong, if someone else makes tuna salad or egg salad then I graciously accept the mayo. I love those! My dad used to make tuna salad melts for me up through college and I thoroughly enjoyed that mayo filled sandwich. It felt different though. Even today I still enjoy a traditional egg salad or tuna salad sandwich and I’m okay with the mayo, but I’d honestly prefer it without. Mayo is just unnecessary.

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By the time I was in college I was completely off the mayonnaise bandwagon. I don’t think I’ve actually bought a jar of mayonnaise since I’ve been living on my own. I always try to avoid it and I make tuna salad or egg salad without it. I don’t need it on a sandwich. I much prefer hummus or mustard!


I’m not naive to the world. I do enjoy many sushi rolls that I know have mayo in them. Maybe it’s because they use so little, or maybe it’s because it’s Japanese and they make their mayo a little differently. Really it’s because I do not make a habit of getting mayonnaise filled sushi rolls and I don’t eat sushi that often.

So what does one do when they truly love egg salad and tuna salad, but can’t stand the mayo? Get creative! I of course found my own substitutes and ways to make my own versions sans mayonnaise! A few years back I started to make egg salad with Greek yogurt and Laughing Cow Cheese. I did this for a long time, but then I cut out the Laughing Cow Cheese due to the added sugar. Today I’ve perfected my egg salad recipe. Using one hard-boiled egg, I add a scoop of Greek yogurt, a dash of pepper, garlic powder and dill. I always add hot sauce as well, as much as I’m feeling. My brand of choice for my egg salad is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I normally eat this egg salad as is, or top it on a salad or a single slice of bread.


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For tuna salad I really have fun and go with my current fancy. Sometimes I mix in hummus and mustard. Sometimes I mix in just a little bit of ranch dressing. Often I like to add just a spray of olive oil, lemon juice, hot sauce, garlic powder and pepper. It’s super delicious and my go-to is topping it on a salad. When I’m feeling fancy I’ll make my own version of a tuna melt and it’s always delicious.

Like I said before, every once in a while I’ll order a tuna or egg salad sandwich at a restaurant and I let myself enjoy it with the mayo. Just last week I had a delicious and extremely unhealthy tuna melt. I was on vacation and I wanted it. Otherwise, I don’t care to indulge in anything with mayo. I know this makes me not the norm as an American, but I’m starting a healthy trend. Hold the mayo!

I don’t feel like there is a need for mayo in my life. I don’t miss it and I was never a big fan of it to begin with. Mayonnaise was simply what we were taught to put on things. I occasionally think about trying a vegan mayo, but then I realize that I wouldn’t actually use it. I don’t like mayonnaise and I love my alternatives for a mayo free existence!





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