Running Success Means Preparing to Run On Vacation

The best thing I ever did for my running success was learn how to run on vacation. It definitely takes practice and a little preparation, but it’s integral to your success!


My Running Diary: August 1st, 2018

Running is one of my favorite things to do, but for a long time when I traveled, unless I had access to a gym, I wouldn’t run. Looking back, this seems so silly to me. Now that I’ve dedicated myself to running, I discovered just how wonderful it is to run while you’re on vacation. It does take some getting used to and a little preparation. You need to align yourself with the right mindset, but the payoff towards your running success is huge!

Why does preparing to run on vacation take practice? Because we all have a built-in attitude toward what vacation means. I know that I needed to change my attitude toward vacation and embrace that it means doing what I find fun, not simply relaxing. If running is my way of life and something I enjoy, then why did I convince myself that I needed to stop on vacation? It seems ridiculous, but we have all been guilty of thinking this way, despite the fact that we don’t stop eating, breathing, and sleeping while traveling. Why should running be any different?

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The answer to the above question is that running should not be any different. Your running success hinges on thinking this way. When I travel, in order to prepare to run on my vacation, I look at what I have going on each day and I always give myself a pass on travel days. Occasionally I will decide to run the day I arrive somewhere, but most of the time I use that as a recoup day. If I do end up running, then it’s a bonus day. If I’m going somewhere for a long weekend and I arrive Friday and leave Monday, then I’m happy with a run on Saturday and Sunday. But if I’m going on vacation for longer, say seven days, then running 3-5 times is good. Don’t stress out about it, just allow running to be fun!


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Don’t get me wrong, if I’m traveling somewhere for a week, I’d still love to run every day. But I know that sometimes there are other things going on, or I might just want to take a day off and not run. I’m always fine with that. Currently I’m preparing for a trip to the east coast for 10 days and I want to run 6 out of 10 days. It should be nice weather and that will definitely make it easier for me to get my bum out for runs. More than half of my travel days is always my goal!

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I prefer not to schedule up my vacations, but I know some people do. If you keep to a schedule on your vacation, then schedule your runs in too. As someone who doesn’t necessarily schedule up vacations, I do mentally schedule when I want to run those first few times on vacation.

To truly prepare to run on your vacation means easing into it. It’s definitely a shift in mindset to learn that running isn’t a chore, but that it’s a way of life and something to be enjoyed. You don’t need to take “time off” from it because its fun and can be easy. That being said, don’t be too hard on yourself. Let it be easy and make sure you’re having fun. That will ensure your running success! A great benefit of running on vacation is that you can use it to explore an area and travel like you’re a local. Bonus!


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