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Vacay VoxBox Beauty Products Review | Fit Mom Exclusive | BuzzChomp

Vacay VoxBox Beauty Products Review. It’s a Fit Mom exclusive and it’s part of our BuzzChomp video series.


The Vacay VoxBox beauty products review is here! I received my Vacay VoxBox complimentary for Influenster. I got to try out some great products that I honestly might have not tried out. Inside the box, came with a coupon to try one of two new Sour Patch Kids flavors, a shampoo and primer, a hair tie, and fake eye lashes!

It has been years since I had sour patch kids. I tried the Fire flavor and it definitely had a nice little kick too it. Sour Patch kids are just as sweet as I remember. I definitely wouldn’t have tried them if I didn’t get the Vacay VoxBox.

The other products I’m a big fan of now. I absolutely love the invisibobble because it truly kept my hair up in a great bun. My little babe loved to pull on my hair and this made it much hard for her to pull out my bun.

Check out the full review of my Vacay Voxbox beauty products to find out what I thought of the other items. I really enjoyed trying all these products and so glad I got them complimentary from Influenster.

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