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We tried out Viter Energy Mints because combining a breath mint with caffeine and energy boosting vitamins is a super cool idea! The mints are really refreshing and offer a nice boost. Check out our review!


We love coffee, but don’t enjoy drinking it later in the day. So we discovered these awesome Viter Energy mints with a nice caffeine boost equal to 1/2 cup of coffee. They are strong breath mints with only a subtle “energy drink” after taste because of all the B Vitamins for energy. Each mint is rather large, so you won’t go through the package too fast. One mint is all you need to crush your day!

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Everyone wants to be on their game and feel confident, which means fresh breath and not feeling tired. This is what makes these Viter Energy mints so awesome! We were thrilled with this unique product and love that its sugar-free and full of energy boosting vitamins.

What’s your favorite flavor of these mints? Comment below and let us know, or if you have a product you’d like us to review next!


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