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Pre Thanksgiving detox is making a commitment to eat clean. This is something I do prior to the holidays as well as in between holidays. It’s part of BuzzChomp fit mom journey.


This is the time of year that I used to be much freer with myself. When I say freer I really mean that I’d let go of how I lived my life most of the year and just indulge in the holidays. I’d say oh well and then I’d come back in January and be like what happened?

I decided that I need to stop this. I love Thanksgiving, but I don’t have to indulge from Thanksgiving to New Years. I can enjoy each holiday, but then still be me. A way that I do this is to do this pre Thanksgiving detox. What does it entail? Really just some good old clean eating.

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Drink a lot of water! That is key during all the time, but up it this year. I know I eat out more, indulge in saltier foods so you want to make sure you naturally detox your body. A week before the holiday curb your carbs. It’s only a week and it’s easier than you think to go low carb. Remember no desserts either.

Make sure you load up on those veggies too. The more fiber you have the better you’ll feel. With the water and fiber you’ll clean your body out and feel light and fit. This is a smart detox because it’s really just eating smart! That’s really what it means to eat clean.

Join my Thanksgiving detox and you’ll definitely want to do implement it around Christmas too!

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