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The Walking Dead Season 9 episode 6 hit reset. We knew it was happening and the show followed through with a huge time jump! It’s our recap reaction here on Buzzchomp.


This recap and reaction contains SPOILERS

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 6 hit reset. As I watched this episode it felt very much like a season opener and not like the 6th episode of the 9th season of an extremely established showed. I’m still grappling with how I feel about it.

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We basically catch up with everyone except Maggie and the Hilltop. The one thing that remains constant is that not much has changed. The saviors have disbanded and some are back to their evil ways i.e. the group that took all of Carol and Henry’s stuff who in turn met the wrath of Carol. That’s right even though Carol is a mother to Henry, wife to Ezekiel, and Queen to the Kingdom, she is still bad ass. No one should mess with her.

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Even though the main staple of the show is gone, Rick Grimes, the show still focuses heavily on his family. Judith Grimes, now age 10, is the catalyst for everything that happens at Alexandria. Michonne, raising Judith as well her son with Rick. We just get a glimpse of the little boy, RJ. Judith brings new people to Alexandria and everyone must decide whether they stay or go. Michonne, head of security, is adamantly against it.

This episode was slow and it was the first one I watched with commercials so that definitely made it slower. I’m keeping an open mind with where they are going. It’s the same formula and they really need to show me prior to the midseason finale that this show is worth continuing to watch.

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