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Pre Black Friday Deals! Get Shopping November Buyer’s Guide

The Holidays are upon us! Why wait until Black Friday to get shopping? We found great Black Friday deals already on Amazon! These gifts are PERFECT for the Holidays and our Buyer’s Guide has it all!


I love to enjoy the Holidays and I love shopping for my friends and family! I’m not a big one to run out on Black Friday. It gets crazy out there! So I put together the best Pre Black Friday deals on Amazon.

Want a new TV? Or a new video game system? Don’t wait in line for them with the masses on Black Friday. Get yours ahead of time and feel relaxed! Even if you’re not into buying your gifts online, buy some stuff for yourself! Like a great new winter jacket!

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! Now it’s time for our November Buyer’s Guide! It’s time to celebrate the Holidays all month long! BuzzChomp is an official Amazon affiliate. All items listed via with prices at time of publication.


Samsung 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV ($689.90)

If you’re in the market for a new TV, definitely venture into the Smart TV world! I have a Smart TV and it’s just great. You can watch all your favorite apps on it and basically do everything on it as well as watch TV! This one is a great bargain from Samsung.


Xbox One System and 5 Game Bundle ($344.99)

The Xbox One is amazing! My husband plays games on ours and I use all the amazing apps! You can watch Netflix, HBO Go, Youtube videos and so much more. Plus it has a Blu-Ray Player for those of you still into discs. This bad boy is so much more than a video game system and this bundle has five games!


Selfie Mic Music Set ($16.40)

This is the perfect gift for the aspiring singer in your life! Gone are the days of large karaoke systems. This one is all on your phone and AMAZING! Super cute. Perfect for all ages! I would have loved this gift when I was younger.


Sky Viper Streaming Video Drone ($90.39)

Who doesn’t want a super cool drone? This bad boy is perfect for the kids and people of all ages! It takes video and you can easily control it from your phone. How much fun would this be for a father and son? Or even a father and daughter! Want to make fun little videos of your flights? Now you can do that too with this drone!


Solar Powered Christmas String Lights ($13.99)

I love Christmas lights and these bad boys are solar powered! How amazing is that? I’m all for solar anything and why not these really cool Christmas lights? They come in a colored option too! They’re also super reasonable in price!


Outdoor Light-up Gold Sleigh ($72.66)

This gold sleigh is classic. I love beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations and this is perfect if you want to just go simple in your front yard. A beautiful gold light-up sleigh! If I had the room, I would be decking my front yard out with this!


Women’s Down Jacket ($79.99)

Gone are the days of ugly winter jackets! Investing in a great down jacket is what you need to do if you live in a cold weather climate. When I lived in one, I had the best down jacket! I literally could wear a tank top in the middle of winter and just put my jacket over it. It kept me so warm! This one is super cute and looks like it’ll keep you super warm!


Men’s Cotton Jacket with Fur Hood ($58.98)

I love faux fur and this jacket looks super warm and stylish! This is perfect to buy for yourself, or for your man. I’m all about these longer winter jackets this year! This will keep you looking great and warm. The hood is detachable too! If you’re not feeling it one day, you don’t have to rock it!



Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Staff Writer, and Featured Vlogger at BuzzChomp. She’s an actress, writer, and producer. Get lost in her YouTube comedy channel PillowTalk TV. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram



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