Use Daylight Savings to your Advantage: My Running Diary!

We’re out of Daylight Savings period. Personally I find it silly we set our clocks back and forward during the year, but we can totally use this to our advantage! Go run.


Diary of a Running Chick: November 7th, 2016

It’s super refreshing to push the clocks back an hour. With Daylight Savings over, I woke up on Sunday and felt amazing! All I wanted to do was take advantage and go out and run, so that’s exactly what I did. It was a beautiful morning in Los Angeles. Not too warm and not too cold. There were tons of other runners, walkers and bikers taking advantage of the day as well. It simply felt great getting outside and running.

I don’t know about you, but this past weekend was actually the first time that I can remember feeling so rested on a Sunday. It made it super easy for my man and me to stretch our legs and go on a nice six and a half mile run. It truly was just what we both needed!

Even though I know the end of Daylight Savings brings shorter days with the darkness coming earlier, it doesn’t mean we all can’t take advantage of being rested. Remember, if you normally get up at 6 AM, then for at least a week your body is going to think it’s 7 AM. That’s awesome for your runs kids!

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A great way to take advantage is by getting up thirty minutes earlier. Not only will you be resetting your system, but you can add in some longer runs. If you don’t normally run in the morning, then now is the perfect time to start a new habit! You have no excuse to be sleepy this week. You got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday! Who didn’t need and enjoy that?


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If you’ve been exhausted this fall, which I definitely have been, then the end of Daylight Savings is the perfect time to reset yourself and your morning runs. I found myself last week snoozing a bit later than I normally do. I was pooped from all the Halloween fun. But now I feel amazing and really ready to push my runs and get up early!

In the past I’ve definitely dreaded turning back the clocks. We lose the sun earlier and who wants that? But it’s what we do, so why not flip it on its head this year? Use it as a motivator to run earlier and definitely start a new trend of getting up early, especially if you’ve been dragging.

Being a consistent runner means you’re always fighting to avoid getting in a running rut. Now is the perfect time to embrace a change in your daily lives and use it as a motivator! If you run in the evenings, don’t fret over the lack of light. I oftentimes see people using those headlamps on top of their heads! Be bold and buy one of those bad boys. Don’t let the darkness stop you from running!


We don’t have to dread Daylight Savings kids! That hour of sleep is definitely a plus as well as feeling like you can get up earlier! Take advantage of that and reinvigorate your runs kids!


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