The Walking Dead S7E3 Reaction: Dwight Good or Bad?

The Walking Dead S7E3 reaction! Is Dwight Good or Bad?

I spent this summer reading the comics and loved the similarities/differences between that and the television show. Knowing where the story goes from here I can’t help but wondering the fate of Dwight!

I generally have a disdain for him in the TV show since he has wronged Daryl and generally been a dick to our group of survivors. BUT now that we get to see his backstory come to life and see what Negan did to him I can’t help but think Dwight is just playing the game. He’s falling in line so him and his ex lady don’t receive anymore harsh treatment from Negan.

Even though I still don’t like Dwight I don’t think he is bad. I do think he’s going to break Daryl out and betray Negan! Find out why!

Comment on my video and let me know what you think of Dwight!

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