Possessed | Sexy Scary Halloween Music Video

Halloween means original new music! We are possessed by the light, as death overtakes us all. Our sexy scary Halloween music video!


We’ve got a new original song for Halloween! Get possessed by the spirits and embrace the light, or else you’ll succumb to death’s icy grasp. Mandi Mellen sings and plays ukulele in this sexy scary Halloween music video, which features three unique milk bath inspired shoots that get overtaken by death’s inescapable glow.

Mandi Mellen, Emily Jira and Grace Li embody Halloween and the empowering nature of letting go. Maddi Salem is our ghost, overtaking your soul. Its our new Halloween music video!

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Its the ultimate celebration of the best holiday outside of Christmas. We love creating new music, so we turned to the spirit world for some Halloween inspiration. This trippy video mixes three different concepts, then spins them in circles and upside down. What will you do this Halloween? How much candy will you eat? Do you trick or treat? We want to know! Beware the light, or succumb to death.

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