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Versatile Fall Decorations that go beyond Halloween!

Fall is in full swing and it’s time to decorate. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Go beyond Halloween with these versatile fall decorations that stay up until Christmas!


Get ready to be excited. These versatile fall decorations can all stay up right until you decorate for Christmas! That’s right, a set of spooky and harvest inspired decorations that last. They are perfect for those who want more from their Halloween decorations and hate taking them down so soon. No need to pine away for Christmas, because you have a festive home all November long. All of these items can be found on Amazon and all have excellent reviews!

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Our new buyer’s guide is packed with unique decorations. These are versatile fall decorations and not just all pumpkins! We have great accent pillows that can brighten up your living and family rooms. There’s also a few outdoor decorations for your patio or front steps.

Feel free to order everything off this list and send it to me as a random present! I personally want them all. Below are the top Versatile Fall Decorations for the season. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


Versatile Fall Decorations!


Lighted Pumpkin Wagon

This wagon can be used inside or put outside. It is super adorable and it screams fall. Plus, it can ride you all the way to the end of November. Its so cute and would look adorable on a front porch or stoop.

Buy It: Lighted Pumpkin Wagon ($36.99 on


Fall Decorative Pillow Covers

These pillow covers are just adorable! They are versatile, cute, and really brighten up every room. It’s a subtle way to decorate for fall and the sayings are so cute!

Buy It: Fall Decorative Pillow Covers ($16.99 on


Mason Jar Wall Decor

I absolutely love this mason jar wall decor. They can actually be used all year round! Add a little tinsel or garland and these just became Christmas themed. They are so versatile and definitely give a great fall vibe.

Buy It: Mason Jar Wall Decor ($22.99 on


Pumpkin Wooden Lights

Definitely a classic fall/Halloween decoration. I absolutely love this! Perfect for your front yard, or if you’d like them inside, they will brighten up any room. Super cute and I just love them!

Buy It: Pumpkin Wooden Lights ($24.99 on


Halloween Long Table Runner

Are you having a cute Halloween party, or just getting into the festive spirit? Then this table runner is for you. It’s adorable and I absolutely love it. Definitely puts me in the fall mood!

Buy It: Halloween Long Table Runner ($22.99 on


Happy Halloween Light Up Jacko Lantern

We had to have some classic fall/Halloween decorations on here! These three Jacko Lanterns are just the best. They are super cute and totally spice up any front steps/yard!

Buy It: Light Up Jacko Lantern ($33.95 on


“Boo” Wall Sign

Get in the Halloween spirit with this “Boo” sign. It’s so cute and will festive up any room in your house. It’s classic, adorable, and subtle.

Buy It: “Boo” Wall Sign ($11.99 on


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Set

I love how these pumpkins remind you truly about the meaning of this season and time of year. Be Joyful. Be Thankful. Give Thanks. This is definitely what we should all be embracing, and its why I love these so much!

Buy It: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Set ($35.99 on


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