Perry Mason Season 1 Preview | Dark and Twisted Mystery

Dive into the shadows and face the wrath of reality. Perry Mason season 1 exposes the dark and twisted origin story of a famous lawyer who began in the gutter.


Perry Mason returns to television in a dark and twisted origin story. This is awesome! Matthew Rhys finds a new home in a familiar genre, taking on the seedy underbelly of 1932 Los Angeles as a mystery unfolds around a bizarre kidnapping turned murder. He is absolutely incredible as this type of character, so watch as he transforms into the young Perry Mason. Watch our full video for all of the details on Perry Mason season 1.

I’m damn excited for Perry Mason season 1 to unfold with dirty tricks, mysterious cults, and a few gunfights for good measure. Its a crime drama, thriller, mystery with a twist of action. You may know Perry Mason the famed defense lawyer, but this story is untold. Perry Mason season 1 is here.

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The best television is a play on our own world and how we live. Diving back into the past with Perry Mason season 1, while unlocking the origins of a famous fictional character, is just plain fun. Will Perry Mason find himself in a cult? On a movie set? Beholden to the mob? All bets are off as he does the dirty work our police can’t do.

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Perry Mason Season 1
Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason



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