Snowpiercer Episode 4 Reaction | Betrayal

Snowpiercer concludes its murder mystery portion of this season, but the real focus is betrayal! There is so much on all fronts. Our episode 4 reaction video focuses on the myriad of betrayal running through the train.


Snowpiercer loads its train up with betrayal and after everything that happened in episode 4 that’s truly what will bring this whole system down. Layton effortlessly solves the murder and figures out the whole mystery of the train. Make sure you check out our full Snowpiercer episode 4 reaction video.

There was no mystery with who killed the two men especially after how last episode played out. Even before they showed us the bodyguard killing, it was evident that something was going on between him and LJ. That part I want to know more about, but I’m not sure we’re going to find out what really drove them to murder those guys or if the two of them were part of the cannibals.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

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The real betrayal of Snowpiercer is Melanie. Not only did Layton figure how who the murderers were, pretty effortlessly, but he figured out that there is no Mr. Wilford. Or at least he’s not around anymore. All Layton did was watch as Melanie put her show on for the first class passengers.

Layton stupidly tells Melanie that he knows everything and this along with him saying the whole time he wants to go back to the tail, which leads Melanie to drug him then put him in the stacks. He of course will be revived next episode since he is the protagonist of the show.

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Snowpiercer episode 4 concluded the murder mystery portion of this show, but my guess is that we’re now onto the revolution. Layton gave his taily crew a key, which is something they never had. They also have their network of people throughout the train. Not to mention third class will be on their side since third is not happy on the train.

I’m enjoying this show. I didn’t think the “twist” of the murder was a twist at all, but I enjoyed them resolving that story line. Now it’s on the to revolution and Layton getting out of the stacks! Make sure you check out my full Snowpiercer Episode 4 reaction video and share with me your thoughts!


Snowpiercer Episode 4

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