Perfect Time For This 31 Day HIIT Challenge

This 31 day HIIT challenge is the best! I just completed it and know you’ll love it, plus now is the perfect time to join the challenge. It’s two exercises a day and totals 4 minutes. That’s it!


I just completed this 31 day HIIT challenge and wow, it is just the best! Now is the perfect time to try this baby out and get started. I love the structure of this fitness challenge. It’s two exercises a day and totals 4 minutes every day, with rest days mixed in. There is no reason to hold back on this challenge. It’s four minutes out of your 24 hour day and you won’t regret joining this challenge.

This 31 day HIIT challenge is simple. I truly loved that about it. The only equipment you need is a jump rope and otherwise, it’s all exercises you need nothing for except a mat. Day one starts out with 30 second butt kicks and 30 second jump rope. You do each exercise twice and then you repeat for a total of four minutes. I love how this HIIT challenge begins. Its kind of perfect.

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Another way this challenge is simple is that you rest every fifth day. I definitely needed the rests and you will too. It’s funny, even though these are simple exercises like on day four with high knees and soccer kicks, my body was very sore on day five. Every rest day was welcome, as I felt sore throughout this 31 day HIIT challenge.

Why is now the perfect time to join the 31 day challenge? Even though this challenge is simple, it’s confronting. That is truly the mark of a well curated fitness challenge. It’s one of those challenges that when I finished, I was excited to be finished. I loved it, but my body needed a HIIT rest! That’s definitely the mark of a successful challenge and one worth taking.


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The fact that you can do this challenge anywhere is great! You only need a jump rope, which you use two or three times. All of the other exercises need no equipment. Even though you don’t need anything for them, that doesn’t lessen their intensity. I love jump squats, but doing 30 seconds straight of them on repeat and then repeating the set is tough! By the time you’re done with your four minutes, you will not be jumping very high or deep. You will feel how much they work your body. Don’t forget that you could be doing mountain climbers, fast feet, or running in place. There’s always a more challenging exercise!

The pairing of these exercises truly works great throughout the entire challenge! There are days like Day 1 and Day 6 (jumping jacks and fast feet) that are less intense compared to other days, but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of them. It really gives you a great baseline for the intense days, like the combination of jump squats and mountain climbers. I know that day was tough for me, but I felt invigorated afterwards.

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I did almost every day of this challenge with Dan. Some days we waited to do this until we put our baby to bed. I really liked doing this challenge at night. It gave me a bit of pep for the rest of my evening and I felt great after I finished. That being said, the days I did this in the morning I equally felt great.

This 31 day HIIT challenge only takes four minutes every day. That’s it! That alone is reason enough why it’s a perfect time to join this 31 day challenge. Try it out and let me know how you like it!


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