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Dating and sex are necessities, but what about Pandemic dating and safe sex? Do you literally screw it and sleep around? No one willing chooses celibacy. Scientist Dan has the answers!


We all have urges, sexual urges. But dating is hard, or at least it should be right now. Our resident scientist breaks down Pandemic Dating and safe casual sex, while his sexy assistant shares more than one wild adventure. Apparently you are safe as long as you don’t get tested. Apparently.

Latex suits are all the rage, assuming you’re okay with condoms. Zoom dates are a fine alternative, but they must end naked. All dates end naked, especially when pandemic dating. But the ultimate goal is to trust someone enough to let them enter your pleasure hole. Its science!

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Science can be funny, but don’t laugh at the only way to have safe sex and date in a pandemic. Its worth it! Pandemic dating is worth it. Scientist Dan has your game plan, while his sexy assistant isn’t sure what’s changed. Sex is the best. Plan and simple.

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Let’s get it on!


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