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The Mandalorian season 2 ep 2 reaction is here! It’s was hard boiled and Mando and baby Yoda got themselves into quite a bind. This seems to be the recipe for this show. Mando and baby Yoda keep getting side track from their end goal, but that makes for a great show!


The Mandalorian season 2 ep 2 is a slow burn, but that’s what makes it so great! Our reaction video explored how this episode got hard boiled by Mando and baby Yoda got themselves into quite a bind. This is definitely the recipe for this show. Make sure you check out our ep 2 full reaction video.


Mando and baby Yoda make some bad choices in this episode, but that seems to be their m.o. throughout this series. Mando and baby Yoda are still being hunted and right at the beginning of this episode Mando and baby Yoda get ambushed. Of course they do.

Mando and baby Yoda need to take on a passenger, The Frog lady who needs to bring her eggs to her husband so their species can go on. Of course they have to help someone else out. They always get side tracked from their path.

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I loved the Frog Lady and the comedic elements that this episode added in. Let’s discuss baby Yoda and that frog eggs. OMG. I could not deal with him eating those eggs. One was I guess fine because you know he’s still a “kid” and doesn’t completely understand, but then he kept doing it and even at the end he still had an egg. That was the last of the frog ladies species, but they made the joke and kept with it. But damn baby Yoda. Damn!

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Not only did this episode 2 give us baby Yoda being an egg eating creep, but it also gave us a lot of spiders! Mando tries to outrun two ships that want him to show them his tags and this leads them to crash landing. The Frog lady and baby Yoda both make questionable choices that lead them to getting attacked by so many spiders! So the Mandalorian season 2 ep 2 gives us a bit of creature feature vibes too!

Another solid The Mandalorian episode. It slowed down a bit, but that is expected as well as it’s definitely following the same vibes as last season! Make sure you check out our full video reaction for The Mandalorian season 2 ep 2! What did you think of baby Yoda eating all those eggs?


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