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Overcome Fitness Challenges when it comes to creating your routine post baby! We’re on that Fit Mom journey!

Some days its definitely a struggle to workout. It’s all about time, motivation, and energy. Our baby is two months old and she’s still waking up in the middle of the night. I’m exclusively breastfeeding which makes it even more exhausting.

The secret to mastering these challenges is to look at them differently. This is such a quick time in your life when your baby is so young. Every day and week she is changing. As you get onto more of a strict schedule it will be truly easier to workout but for now you just need to adapt ladies!


I truly believe and know that every time I get to workout I feel better even if it’s just a short workout. It always energizes me and it makes me feel like I used before the baby came! Even though I’m a mom now I still need to take care of myself and that’s why I’m so focused on keeping my fitness regimen up no matter what.


How are you overcoming these fitness challenges?

Every Wednesday we’ll have a new Fit Mom vlog! I’ll be tracking my post baby fitness, meals, and workouts! Join me on my new adventure as I recommit to my fitness journey!

Keep joining me on my fit mom baby journey with my weekly mommy fitness vlogs:
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