Obliques Challenge: Fierce Abs Fitness Challenge

I just completed this 28 day obliques challenge and it is a fierce abs fitness challenge! This was my first abs challenge since having my baby. I was so excited to get my abs back and this challenge is fierce and so worth it!


This obliques challenge has everything that I was looking for to work my abs. It’s multiple exercises: wood chops, forearm side plank, toe touches, and Russian twists. Since I began doing 30 day challenges, my favorite ones have always been those with multiple exercises. For this obliques challenge, you do all four exercises each day for three days, then rest on the fourth day.

Like many fitness challenges, this one eases you in. It starts out with low reps, a necessity that quickly became obvious. It lets you get comfortable with the exercises, which is great. You really do want to get comfortable with these exercises, because even though they start out with very low reps, they get intense quickly!

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My man and I decided beforehand that we weren’t going to do weighted wood chops. No dumbbells required. We also interpreted the wood chop reps to be per side, so if it says 5 or 10 then we’d do 5 on each side. That means that by the end of this you’re doing 50 wood chops on each side. That is intense regardless of weight and I know for me, I really wanted to get the form down for the exercise. By not using a weight, I still got the amazing benefits of wood chops and kept my form strong.

One of my favorite exercises is side plank, but for this challenge its forearm side plank! At first this exercise did not faze me at all. I’d been doing side plank throughout my pregnancy, but damn, doing it on your forearm is tough. The last week was particularly intense. The funny thing is, I was on a high from doing this challenge and the last two days you held side plank for one minute and 45 seconds and two minutes per side respectively. Prior to that, I was definitely mentally and physically struggling, but those last two days I was excited for the challenge to be completed and it was easy. I felt strong and the forearm side plank didn’t faze me! I embraced it!



That truly was the best thing about this challenge. I felt my body getting stronger! Since giving birth, I’ve been craving doing abs. I want to get my ab strength back and now I’m well on my way after doing this obliques challenge. After 28 days I totally see a big difference.

The secret to this challenge is to really work the form of each exercise. The number of reps get high by the end and it would be very easy to phone it in, but since you’ve built a foundation there is no reason why you have to rush it at the end. That being said, there is also no reason for you to do all the reps in one round. If you need to break it up, then break it up. There is no shame in that. You’re going to get amazing benefits from doing 150 ankle touches, even if you do three sets of 50!

The 28 Day Obliques Challenge is fierce kids! It’s an abs fitness challenge that will truly sculpt your core. I loved this challenge and I loved working my obliques! I’m now ready for another core challenge next month! Stay tuned and try this obliques challenge. You will not regret it.




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