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It’s Aria Vs Spencer on Pretty Little Liars Season 7!

Aria gets blackmailed by A.D. and now she is one of her minions. She’s totally done some not cool shit to the liars! Last week she crossed Emily and Ali, but this week she crossed Spencer and Spencer’s family. Not a smart move Aria.

Spencer was already suspecting something was up with Aria after she found her earring last week. Now that recording started to play right after Aria dropped food off at Spencer’s. Let’s face it, Spencer is smart and she has this thing figured out.

Aria better come clean and hope that the Liars forgive her and trust her. She really needs to just be honest with the Liars and they need to use Aria against A.D. We’ve been saying this since A.D. approached Aria!

There are only a few episodes left and we’re so close to finding out who A.D. is! Did Aria completely ruin her relationship with the Liars all to protect Ezra? She could have, but we sure hope not!

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