New Year, New You! Embrace A Perfect Mindset

A New Year a New You is thrown around every year at this time. Yes it’s a cliché, but honestly it is so much more than that! It’s a mindset that is perfect for this time of year.


For whatever reason, a lot of us put ourselves on auto pilot as the year progresses. But a new year is the perfect time to press the reset button! Embrace a new year a new you mindset, because it will truly make the start of your year better and help keep you stay motivated!

Be specific with your intentions for the year! I’m all for being versatile and having a lot of passions, but make sure you’re specific. I know I have a lot of things I’m working toward and I have a handful of things that are half-finished! That’s what I’m embracing the first part of the year! I’m closing those projects out. That’s my first action of a new year a new you!

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Don’t be too hard on yourself. Let go of 2017. If you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to, no big deal at all. That year is over and you have another opportunity in 2018. I always accept what I’ve accomplished each year and move on to the next year. Remind yourself that you can’t change anything about last year, but you can change how you attack this year and that’s exactly why I embrace a new year a new you.


Conquer the Year!


Have fun this January! Make sure you’re always having fun. I know I can get too serious about the things I’m doing, but everything I’m passionate about in life I have fun doing. This year I’m making sure that I’m always embracing that fun. It can definitely get lost along the way, but shouldn’t we all be having fun in this life? The answer to that question is yes!

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Make sure you’re adventurous. I love having adventures. They can be mini ones or large ones. Being able to embrace any adventure in life will truly keep your life constantly changing. I find embracing the adventures of life always keeps me working toward my goals!

Set an intention for your year. I love setting intentions for my yoga practice, day, and week, but I haven’t set one for my year before. This year I’m all about living in the present moment. I know I get sidetracked thinking about how things will turn out, and that is just silly. I need to experience what’s currently happening and not think about what will happen. We only have control over that present moment.

Embrace a new year a new you. No matter what happened last year, push it aside and focus on what happens right now. That is how I’m living in 2018. This year my baby girl will turn one year old and there are so many milestones that she’s experiencing. I want to make sure I experience them all! I’m excited for all of the wonderful experiences to come in 2018! Embrace a new year a new you and have an amazing start to the year.


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