Running Music: The Music of Your Run (Diary of a Running Chick)

I’ve heard some people like to run without music. More power to you, but that’s not me. I love to listen to music while I run! I’m a running chick who loves running music, and this is my diary.


Running music is integral to my solo runs, but I get bored with playlists on repeat. Enter streaming music services! Pandora is my go-to streaming music service. I love the variety and love discovering new music on my runs. There is of course a certain style music I listen to when I run, and that is Hip Hop/Pop. Yes, I love Hip Hop at 6 AM in the morning. It’s perfect to get me going for my day! I highly recommend some good fun music to run to, and I usually switch between a few different artists.

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You definitely need to choose your music wisely for your runs. I don’t like to run to slow songs. I find myself slowing down accordingly. There is a time and place for that, but is not during your run kids! Trust me. A great artist to listen to while running is Wale, especially on Pandora. The best thing about picking an artist on Pandora, is that they play other artists similar to them. When picking Wale, you then get other current Hip Hop artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, J Cole, but also some good old school rappers like Biggie, Nas, and TuPac!

Another great artist to listen to while running on Pandora is Justin Timberlake. I’m a huge JT fan and I have listened to this playlist for years. If you love him, I suggest listening to it prior to running. I thumbs down in advance all the slower songs and songs I didn’t like. That keeps my music upbeat while running. I don’t need Britney Spears or people like that in this playlist. The best part is all of the old school music that mixes in. It’s a perfect blend to run to.


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Once you’ve picked your channel, definitely listen to it before you run. Thumbs up what you like and thumbs down songs you don’t. If you do this prior to running, you won’t feel the need to thumbs down or skip songs while you run. This is something I’ve mastered and it keeps you in a rhythm during your workout. I used to skip a lot of songs during my run. I would get bored, BUT that was me avoiding running. Let go of that and keep moving!

You’ve got your music. It’s empowering as you run! Now just go out there and run. Don’t skip the songs. Don’t stop and switch the playlist. Stick to what you were feeling when you set out on your run. Embrace every song that comes on! Sometimes I wish it was acceptable to just sing these songs out loud, at the top of my lungs for all to hear. I’ve seen other people singing while running. More power to you!

I love running to music! It motivates me and pushes me to run faster. I love the way the music makes me feel. It also helps me to enjoy my runs even more and definitely distracts my mind from worrying about what is going on around. I don’t ever go out without my music and I have great runs because of it!

What’s your favorite running music to listen to?



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