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We’re all about the Motivation! Slow progress beats no progress. Our BuzzChomp fitness vlog kids!


Everyone goes through plateaus. You stop seeing noticeable change, but you’re still working out and eating right. It happens kids! You’re really just at a slow progress point.

The key is to not get discouraged. Slow progress truly is better than no progress. If you can remind yourself of this and stay focused, you will see progress! You will reach your goals.

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Use this slow progress point as a time to regroup and revamp your exercises! It’s a perfect time to switch up your workouts and try something new. I’m a big fan of picking a day or two a week that I do a double workout. I love running in the morning and doing a yoga class later in the day. You really can do so many extra things. I also like adding in some extra strength training circuits, as well as adding in just ten minutes of jump rope to my day! These will totally help push your body.

It’s easy to let yourself get down when you have slow progress, but don’t! Remind yourself that you’re on the verge of seeing some great results. Just keep your head up and keep your workouts strong and your diet on point!

Because that’s what Motivational Monday is all about starting your week off strong.
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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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