Lifestyle Challenge: Join Me in Creating a Life You Love!

My Lifestyle Challenge begins Monday and I want you to join me! I joined Katrina Julia’s “Create A Life You Love Challenge” because I love challenging myself and wanted to be a part of this community of people all taking on the challenge together.


On Monday February 19th my lifestyle challenge begins, the Create A life You Love Challenge! I love challenging myself and have shared many of my own 30 day health and fitness challenges in the past. But I’ve never done a life challenge, so that’s about to change. I joined Katrina Julia’s challenge along with a community of others all creating a life we love!

Prior to starting a new challenge, I always evaluate what I want to get out of it. I just recently finished a 30 day push ups challenge, where I focused solely on my push-up form. I kept that focus for the whole 30 days. Make sure you come back on Wednesday for my Fit Mom video review! For this lifestyle challenge, I am going to truly take stock of how I live.

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I pride myself on living a healthy lifestyle. If you consistently read my blog and follow my social media, then you know that I am a cancer survivor. During my cancer experience 9 years ago I completely re-evaluated what I put in my body. I did this on my own and didn’t use any programs or outside advice, besides consulting with Dan. Now nearly a year removed from having my baby, I find that it’s the perfect time to open myself up to someone else’s health and fitness advice.

When I approach a situation, I always remind myself that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is something that I make sure I don’t do in my own life, but it’s definitely hard. We all get into ruts and so I’ve learned to stop myself from lying to myself. I’m always looking for moments to separate myself from a situation and be honest. That’s what the next seven days are about for me!


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Like any challenge, I’m going into this one with an open mind. No matter how hard it is, I accept that I’ve committed to the challenge and will stay the course. Normally it’s a fitness challenge that I’m taking, so I know that physically I’ll be able to complete it, even if I have to separate an exercise out into reps. I’m not sure that I currently do that with my life goals, so I expect to become aware of it through this challenge.

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I have many different business ventures that I consistently work on and while I believe that I’m aligned with them and working them to the best of my ability, I’m definitely excited to get someone else’s perspective on how they do their business. As a writer, actor, producer, director and all around content creator, I constantly have to self-promote myself. Am I doing this successfully? By committing to look at my life over these next seven days, I will definitely be able to answer that question honestly.

I love self-improvement and getting out of my comfort zone. That is what attracted me to joining Katrina Julia’s 7 Day Challenge of Your Life: Create the Life You Love! Often times we all need to be honest with ourselves and make sure that we practice what we preach. Stay tuned to BuzzChomp and find out what I learn about myself over the next seven days. Make sure you follow me on Instagram for daily updates on my challenge experience! If you’re interested in joining this challenge, then head over to the 7 Day Challenge of Your Life and use code “Mandi” for a free sneak peek to this 7 day lifestyle challenge!


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