If Chuck Norris Had a Pinterest Page: His Top 5 Pins

You see a lot of arts & crafts on Pinterest. It also has a ton of recipes, workouts and do it yourself projects. But what if America’s symbol of masculinity had his own Pinterest page? What would Chuck Norris pins look like?

1. An amazing recipe for quiche. Even the most macho of men get hungry. (And eat quiche.)

2. His book “Tough Guy” for light reading inbetween takes on the set.

3. Of course a shotgun fully loaded with accessories. Always be prepared for the bad guys. Always.

4. His favorite video of Christie Brinkley on a Total Gym. Ahemm. It’s Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris is a man.

5. A exquisite pair of shotgun earrings. You got have jewelry for your lady (Christie Brinkley).

It’s nice to see a real man grab a hold of Pinterest and make it his own.

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