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It’s time to breakdown how to use resistance bands! It’s part of our Fit Mom fitness BuzzChomp series.


Embarking on new workouts can be daunting and I always like to prepare myself prior to starting one. That’s why I’m familiarizing myself as well as all of you with these resistance bands. The bands I have are called fit simplify and you can get them on amazon. The best part about resistance bands is that besides being portable they are cheap! This pack is less than $11 on amazon. There is no excuse to not invest in them.

Resistance bands vary in weight. The breakdown of them is that they are labeled from extra light to extra heavy. They range from 2-5 lbs to 25-30 lbs and there is no shame at all to start off with extra light. Just like weight lifting the more you lift the easier it will be. You will work yourself up to the extra heavy resistance bands.

For me I’m able to use all of these bands and with our resistance bands breakdown this is how you can do bicep curls with all of these bands. You can make adjustments as you work your way up to the extra heavy resistance band. Remember that even as you get stronger and embark on an exercise with a heavier band you’ll have to start out with an adjustment. For me with bicep curls that’s putting it around my knee and doing the two arm variation until I’m strong enough to do the one arm version.

I love resistance bands and I’m broadening my scope of how I use them. I first started with my resistance bands breakdown by figuring out how to use each resistance band. For me it was experimenting with a bicep curl and adjusting to the resistance.

Come back next week for a great arm workout using resistance bands!

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