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How to do Dips. There are 3 types for your home workouts. Dips are used in so many circuits as well as 30 day challenges. Its part of our Fit Mom Buzzchomp video series.


Dips are one of my favorite exercises because they are truly simple, but I didn’t always realize just how simple they were. I used to see big strong guys at the gym on the bottom half of the free standing pull up bars do dips. Sometimes they had weights hanging off their weight belts and I always thought dips were super hard. Then I learned they were not.

Dips can be done anywhere! Some may say all you need is a chair, but really that’s just one way to do dips. In all essence you don’t need anything to do dips. Remember though that you want to first master form. My favorite ways to do dips are with either a chair or my handy pull up bar I showed you all in my pull up tutorial.

Like many other exercises, there is always a variation to make it more approachable. If you’re a newbie to dips then definitely do my variation. For dips with a chair or the pull up bar that means bending your legs as opposed to doing them straight legged. Remember that sometimes dips will feel easy, but they work your tricep, biceps, and shoulders so the next day you will feel them.

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Remember to do them slow and watch our full tutorial to be maximum benefits.

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