How to Balance your Fitness Regimen during Summer

Summer is here and there are so many fun adventures to be had. Finding balance for your fitness regimen is easier than you think with our simple how to guide. Let’s find balance for our fitness regimen during the summer!


I love the summer months because there always seems to be something going on and something fun to do. Now that I have a toddler, there are a plethora of things we can all do together as a family. This means that I must find balance with my fitness regimen this summer in order to keep it going and still have fun! There was a time in my life when I felt like I needed to skip things because I had to go to the gym. You don’t have to be that way and balancing your fitness regimen during the summer is easier than you think!

Make a weekly plan for your workouts. It’s easy to get wrapped up in taking your kids places or going to parties. I know that I plan those things out. That being said, it’s easy to do the same with your workouts. If I make a plan to go to a party or bring my kid somewhere, I don’t cancel it, so why do the same with workouts? Once you implement that thinking into your fitness regimen, it makes it much easier to find balance.

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Be honest with yourself. I say this all the time about everything fitness and health related and I’m always amazed how many people still aren’t honest with themselves. It’s okay to decide to take a rest day, but don’t turn one day into two days and so on. It’s really easy to fall out of exercise when you’re not honest with yourself.

Find outdoor fitness activities for your whole family. There are a myriad of amazing outdoor fitness activities to do with your family. You can go biking, rollerblading, scootering, swimming, surfing, and so much more. Make sure you enjoy outdoor fitness activities a few times a week this summer. It is a great way to balance your fitness regimen. You don’t have to be a slave to the gym because you’re getting a great workout in while having fun with your family.


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Stop taking vacations from your workouts. I love working out on vacation and I always do it even if it’s just simple circuits. I went on a family vacation last year and my brother and mother love to workout too. Did they take that week off? No they did not! All of us who enjoy working out did some form of exercise while we were away. I can’t imagine just taking a week off because I’m on “vacation,” especially when you can go running, hiking, swimming, and biking while you’re on vacation. Just because you’re on a vacation from your normal life, doesn’t mean you just quit working out cold turkey.

Just have fun! Your fitness regimen should be fun and balancing it during summer should be equally as fun. We often put so much pressure on ourselves and the activities we do. Let’s stop doing that this summer and just go out there and have fun. You’ll thrive and I bet you’ll end up reaching those fitness goals without even trying.

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Learning how to balance your fitness regimen this summer boils down to one thing: be cognizant of what you’re doing! That’s really my advice for most things in life. Taking a moment to review yourself, your time, and the activities you agree to do will better prepare you to keep up with your fitness regimen. Not to mention, it will remind you that just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to book up every moment of your time. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to enjoy those workouts.


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