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It’s time for to dive into the world of HIIT. This is our HIIT tips for beginners. Great for your Fit Mom journey. This is part of our BuzzChomp fitness video series.


I actually started doing HIIT in high school but didn’t know it was called that. I ran track and we used to run intervals. They were intense. We would run in a line and the person at the back of the line would have to sprint to the front and once you got there you set the pace. The pace of course was much slower than the sprint.


By no means should you start doing HIIT like that but that doesn’t mean you can ease your way into HIIT. The easiest way to ease into it is by walking then running. It doesn’t have to be a fast run. This will not only help you run but it’s a great beginner HIIT. Now not everyone likes to run so if that’s not for you then try jump rope.

Jumping rope is how I got into HIIT. I bought an interval timer and I’d jump for two minutes and rest for a minute. I’d jump for 30 seconds rest for 30 seconds. That is the simplest form of HIIT. It’s also an easy way to get a great workout in. Starting with one exercise easing you but I’d highly recommend trying jump rope and jumping jacks. You can do 1 minute of each exercise then break for a minute and repeat this five times. That is a simple 15 minute HIIT workout!

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HIIT is great! You can do so many HIIT workouts at home. Enjoy our HIIT tips for beginners. Follow along on our Fit Mom journey.


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