Ho-Ho Healthy Tips For The Holidays

healthy tips for the holidays

We all love to indulge in holiday treats, but no one wants to ruin their diet. Thankfully you don’t have to, with our ho-ho healthy tips for the holidays!


The holiday season is here, and you know what that means. Plenty of heavy meals at family gatherings that are sure to challenge your diet. But enjoying the yummy treats and staying healthy are both possible. We’ve put together some helpful healthy tips for the holidays so you can indulge, but not ruin your diet.

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Managing healthy eating during the holiday season can be a challenge even for the most disciplined among us. Some of our most festive foods aren’t the healthiest options out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them entirely. If you’re worried about maintaining your diet during the holidays, here are some key tips to help get you through to the new year.


Cut down on meat

While having plenty of protein in your diet is important, it doesn’t all have to come from the same source. Meat, particularly red meat, tends to have some drawbacks when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Unfortunately, it also holds a prominent place in many holiday meals. Instead of filling up on a large serving of meat during a holiday meal, opt for the vegetable-based sides instead. Or swap out your ham or turkey for a vegan alternative. Approximately 33% of the U.S. population, or 100 million people, say they’re eating more vegan foods despite not being vegan themselves. Now is a great time to try something new that can help your diet. This is the easiest of our healthy tips for the holidays.

Avoid alcohol

Many use the holidays as an opportunity to indulge in a few good glasses of wine or other alcoholic drinks, but if you want to stick to a healthy diet you may want to reconsider. Alcohol tends to be high in calories and offers little to no nutritional value. Besides, drinking during the holidays can have other harmful consequences outside of your diet, no matter what holiday is responsible for the drinking. In fact, 40% of all highway deaths between 2007 and 2011 were caused by drunk driving over the Fourth of July weekend. If you do choose to drink during the holidays, limit yourself to one or two drinks only. Also make sure anyone drinking more than that has a driver to get them home safely.

Look for alternatives

Many people struggle with eating healthily during the holiday season due to the classic desserts that everyone knows and loves. What they don’t know, however, is that online research has shown that the caloric content in these sweets is higher than ever. Cookies, pies, and other baked goods make it difficult to stick to a restrictive diet. Instead of denying yourself dessert entirely, look for the healthiest possible option on the table. Some pies, like pumpkin pie, can be surprisingly healthy depending on how they’re baked and what recipe is used. After all, pumpkins are 90% water and high in many vitamins and minerals. If you do want to treat yourself, look for the healthiest option on the table and use that to quell the cravings.

Take care of general wellness

Finally, a healthy diet is only one important part of improving your general well-being and fitness. Taking care of other health necessities during the holidays will help you stick to your goals. Make sure to stick to any medical appointments you may have during the holiday season, even if it’s a hassle. Don’t forget about dental health too, as this can be just as important to keeping you healthy. American Association of Orthodontics has reported that four million people have braces at any given time, and if you’re one of them, you should also ensure you book an appointment with your orthodontist.


Staying healthy during the holidays is a real challenge, especially with so many indulgent dishes being common during this time of year. Just like 29% of employers say accountability is a huge obstacle to success, keeping accountable for your diet is essential in maintaining your holiday health. However, using a few tricks and healthy tips for the holidays will help you stay on top of your diet and your overall health at the end of the year.

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