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Time for our Pregnancy Update and we’re on Week 22. It’s important to say everything is different especially when it comes to second time around. Throughout this whole second journey I keep reminding myself not to compare this pregnancy to my first one!


I’m on my second pregnancy journey and this pregnancy update is all about week 22! I keep reminding myself that everything is different. Like people, each pregnancy is different and it’s difficult to compare your first to your second and so! Make sure you watch our full video on the Mommy and Me YouTube channel!

On the surface, sometimes I think that my first pregnancy and my second pregnancy are extremely similar. I just started to show recently, which is close timing wise to when I did with my first. I haven’t put on a ton of weight and approaching my six month mark I could tell people I was coming out of my first trimester and they’d happily accept.

We’re also having a very nice pregnancy so far. I’m not high risk and everything is progressing nicely with our babe. This is exactly how our first pregnancy went, but I have to remind myself that everything is different. It’s not the same because each pregnancy is different.


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This time around I’ve felt this pregnancy more from the beginning. He’s been moving around for a long time and there are moment when his movement shakes around my bell. This could be because I’m more aware of it or my body is just prepared for this little one.

A big difference is how my body feels. I’m much more sore and tired than I was my first time. I’ve talked before about how during my third trimester I got intense sciatica pain. I already feel pain in my sciatica and back. For me, it’s all about adjusting with this pregnancy. I’m more sore and I just have to take care of myself.

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Being on this pregnancy journey for a second time is a discovery in how my body will react for a second time. The first time I didn’t know all that I knew now. My body was also younger and I wasn’t taking care of an extremely active 2.5 year old.

No matter where you are with your own pregnancy journey, just remember that it’s completely different. It won’t be the same as your first, second, and it won’t be the same as mine! Make sure you check out our full video for our pregnancy update week 22!

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