Healthy Habits for Summer: Your Success Guide

Summer is such an amazing time. All of us want to look our best for summer, so you spend the winter working hard to get that summer body. It’s imperative that you keep those healthy habits going! Our guide to keeping healthy habits for summer!


There are so many fun events during the summer. Concerts, BBQs, pool parties, and happy hours fill our time with excitement. It’s easy to commit to these things and find yourself with no time to workout! First, don’t over extend yourself. That’s one healthy habit to keep year round. Make sure that you don’t commit to EVERY event. By picking and choosing the events you attend, you’ll be able to savor those you choose. Plus, you’ll continue to have time for yourself. It’s fun to be invited to a lot of different things, but sometimes we have to say no and hit up that yoga class instead.

Plan or join some active events this summer. Get out there and run a 5k, go for a hike with friends, and skip driving your car by riding your bike instead. The last one is my favorite for the summer. I love riding my bike down to the beach with my man. Not only do we get a great workout, but we also get to relax on the beach. I can spend all day riding around and just being out in the sun. It’s the absolute best! That being said, I love to hike with my friends too. Make sure you bring enough water and put on sun screen if you’re hiking in a sunny area like Los Angeles. These are all healthy habits, getting you exercise while still frolicking.

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Make sure you drink a lot of water this summer. This is truly an easy one to do. It’s going to be a hot summer and I always bring a refillable water bottle with me. Even if you’re going to a concert or ball game, most places now let you bring in a refillable bottle. Just check the venue before you go. If you’re drinking alcohol this summer, definitely drink water along with your beverage of choice! This will help you not get dehydrated, but also help you not go overboard with too many drinks!



Keep eating healthy. It’s fun to splurge on hot dogs and hamburgers at a BBQ, but you can still indulge and keep it healthy. I love skipping the bun when it comes to eating a delicious burger. I always opt for a turkey or veggie burger as well! Enjoy all the wonderful summer salads and veggies. Anytime I’m invited to or planning a BBQ, I always make a bunch of wonderful sides. There are tons of great healthy pasta salads, potato salads, and yummy veggies to make and enjoy. Skip the unhealthy desserts and opt for fruit salad. Even if you do indulge, don’t beat yourself up over it. Go back to your healthy habits the next day.

Be active this summer. Embrace the longer days and the nice warm nights! Make exercise fun for you, your friends, and family. Don’t let all of the hard work you did in the winter and spring fall by the wayside. You can have an amazing summer and keep those healthy ways! Be conscious and keep those healthy habits for summer.



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