Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Mona A.D. or Pawn | BuzzChomp PLL Vlog

Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Is Mona A.D. or a pawn? Our Buzzchomp PLL vlog!

Only two episodes left and we’re so close to finding out who A.D. is. Could it be Mona? It could be! Mona was the original A. Charlotte stole the game from her and then made Mona a part of her game. Mona was treated exactly like the Liars were treated by Charlotte. She was in the dollhouse with them!

Mona definitely resented being part of CeCe’s game. Mona is the one who killed CeCe and then stole back the A game. She’s always resented the girls and this is her final revenge on everyone!

But what if Mona is just the red herring? She’s just a pawn in A.D.’s game. She’s just a part of the dollhouse again. That is equally as possible. A.D. wanted Mona to weasel her way into the game. It’s all a part of A.D.’s endgame. She’s just a pawn kids. A.D. knew that she would figure out Aria was working for her and A.D. knew she’d be obsessed with the game! All of A.D.’s pieces are falling into place.

If A.D. is not Mona then it is definitely our Spencer twin theory!

Either theory is possible. Find out all of our details and let us know if you think Mona is A.D. or a pawn? Can’t wait to find out who A.D. is finally kids!

Mandi loves TV!
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