Guide to Running Outside! My Running Diary

Spring is here and now is the time to start running outside! For me, this was a goal I constantly set, but found extremely daunting. Let go of those feelings and embrace our guide to running outside.


My Running Diary: April 23rd, 2018

Before you go running outside, let go of any preconceived notions you may have about outdoor running. I had always been a sporadic outside runner because it always felt so much harder than it actually is! Once I was able to let that go and let go of that constant daunting feeling, I was able to run outside at will! My guide to running outside is everything I wish someone told me before! It keeps me focused now on all of my runs.

1. Do not compare your indoor runs to outdoor runs
Unless you run on a track outdoors, your pace, energy and running style will be different from running inside on a track or treadmill. This isn’t a bad thing and is actually a great thing. When you run indoors you lose the terrain aspect, and while elevating the treadmill is great, it’s not the same as running hills outside. I had to completely let go of comparing my indoor/outdoor runs and that’s why it’s the first step in our guide to running outside.

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2. Factor in rest days
Running outside makes me so sore! It works so much more of my body and prior to becoming a daily outdoor runner, I had to factor in rest days. There were some mornings I could not push myself to get out of bed and that’s fine! My body needed that time to get stronger and those rest days helped me become a stronger runner. This is an essential step in our guide to running outside.

3. Switch up your routes
For a very long time I was guilty of not doing this and it was me being too comfortable. It’s easy to get in a running groove and it’s just as easy to get into a running rut. Both have their benefits, but I find that consistently running the same route over and over will lead to a huge running rut. It can be hard to climb out of that rut!


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4. Run with a partner
For a long time I didn’t really like to run with anyone else because I felt that running was my time alone. In reality I was a bit self-conscious about my running, because people think if you run a lot then you run fast. Now it does not matter if you run fast or slow, but for a long time I thought it did. This is just silly because really what changes once you run daily is your stamina! That is the goal here, not speed.

5. Run on vacation
I know what you’re thinking, but it’s my vacation! I used to think the same thing until I realized running on vacation is a great way to see the sites! Every time I run somewhere new, I look at my surroundings differently. Not to mention, I quickly learn my way around a place. You don’t need to run for too long, though it can be fun to go for a long run. Just getting a quick 30-40 minute run in will energize you! I also never feel bad indulging on vacation because of this!

Solidifying yourself as an outdoor runner is much easier than you think. Use our 5 step guide to running outside. Spring has officially sprung and creating that foundation now will allow you to run the whole rest of the year!


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