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Its time for a do anywhere good morning workout and its for all of you Fit Mom’s out there who need a quick intense workout. Part of our BuzzChomp fitness series.


The good morning workout can be done anywhere, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Its only 4 exercises, but its tiered! You start with 30 second high knees to 20 leg lifts to 10 push-ups to side plank to 5 push-up burpees to 10 push-ups to side plank to 20 leg lift and end with 30 second high knees.

If you’re just getting into fitness then do one round of this, but if you’re more experienced play with multiple rounds. This workout is one that you can do every single morning. I’d challenge yourself to do the good morning workout every day for a week. It will show you that you can get a great workout in where ever you go which takes away any excuses for you not to workout.

The good morning workout can be done right in your bedroom and that’s great. It’s perfect if you get up before everyone in your house and you just want some you time. That’s really what I use my fitness time for is taking care of me and this workout will take care of you. I love this workout!

Try this good morning workout and let us know if you take us up on the challenge of doing it every morning for 7 days!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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