Gladiator Fitness Challenge Pushes Your Limits!

The 30 day Gladiator Fitness Challenge pushes your limits! I knew when we decided to jump into this challenge that my limits would be tested, and I’m so glad they were.


The name says it all. This 30 day Gladiator Fitness Challenge pushes your limits and was exactly what I was looking for in a challenge. After last month’s easier 30 day challenge, I wanted to be physically pushed to my limits. This Gladiator fitness challenge did just that and more. I definitely had to mentally prepare myself for this challenge, since it has no rest days. Its relentless, but there is a flow to the workouts.

This fitness challenge is another with multiple exercises, which I love. The three exercises are personal favorites: punches, lunges and one-armed plank. All three of them get intense by the halfway point, and I love that. You only do one exercise a day and the lunges and punches are done in either three or four sets. You begin with lunges, then one-armed plank, followed by punches. The challenge consistently repeats like this, with the number of reps going up along the way.

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The one-armed plank gets extremely tough, but again this made me happy. Much like other solid fitness challenges, the number of reps start low and with plank you start by holding it for 40 seconds. During the first couple of cycles through the exercises, make sure you really engage your full body and core when you do plank. Holding it with one arm is intense. Know that you’ll need all of your strength to make sure you align your hips and stay in a plank, and not a side plank.

The one exercise that got intense for me really fast was the punches. The numbers jump up and get very confronting. I found I needed to really focus on my arms and punching the air hard. It’s easy to try to rush through them and half punch. Do not do that. Make sure you are fluidly punching the whole time. Your arms will get a great workout from this.

The lunges balance out this Gladiator fitness challenge very nicely. I found that the perfect way to get the most out of this challenge is to do the lunges slowly! Lunges are such a great way to work your legs, as well as work your core. They are one of those exercises that while you’re doing them, it doesn’t seem very hard, but then the next day you are very sore and wondering why. That’s the benefit of lunches creeping up on you.

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I’m so glad that I mentally prepared myself for this challenge and knew what was coming. This made the challenge extremely enjoyable, because I wanted the intensity. I was able to really push myself too, because I prepared myself during the early days of this fitness challenge. I approached it like it was already intense on day one, even though the first week was not intense at all.

The Gladiator fitness challenge is great! It lets you focus on building strength, as well as pushing yourself to your limits. Any challenge for me that doesn’t have rest days always pushes me to my limits. There is a subtle fire that builds during this challenge, and toward the end of it I questioned why I was so sore. Then it hit me and I knew the challenge was thoroughly working my body! It made me feel so good and I highly recommend this challenge.


It’s another Darebee original and I always love their challenges. Try out this Gladiator fitness challenge and let me know what you think!



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